The Westbury BID’s financial incentive program is worth thousands of dollars to Licensed Realtors, Brokers and BID property owners. This program is designed to help bring in new retail, franchises, specialty shops, etc. to balance our area which already offers a wonderful array of retail and service businesses.      

We believe that this program, in combination with the upcoming revitalization plan, makes Westbury a great place for your business. Financial rewards are offered to entice national and regional chains and franchises, locally known names and businesses, or specialty and boutique type businesses that have another successful location or business history.

The incentives are offered in “tiers” :

  • Tier One is for national chain affiliated stores, consumer goods stores, or large regional stores with a highly recognizable name or brand or anchor store.
  • Tier Two is for established well-known brand name retail stores, clothiers, or regional/local chains, and highly desirable business.
  • Tier Three is for boutiques, artisan shops or specialty stores with at least one additional successful location, or to a highly desirable start-up.

Please contact the BID for additional information, or to find out if a new business fits the criteria for the incentives that are being offered at .