Open Businesses


Greetings from The Westbury Bid. We again, hope everyone is safe and healthy.


Unfortunately, each day one of our Businesses has been forced to close its doors for the time being.
However, many are still open for your needs. We urge you to please support them through this trying time.


Listed below are those available. We hope to keep them going and cannot wait for everyone to be back up and running. Take care and if you have any questions, please contact

Thank you!

Vanessa Esposito

Westbury BID Executive Director



Doms Auto                        15 Post Westbury Florist        53 Post
St Brigids Deli                   99 Post Super Convenience Store         129 Post
Rosita Mini Grocery        150 Post Toskana Pizzeria           107 Post
Marias Pastry                   167 Post Konfeti  Pharmacy           173 Post
Punta Cana Grill              162 Post Wheatley Wine             193 Post
Willys Fish.                       249 Drexel Medit. Kabob House    190 Post
Subway                              211 Post Jins Apple Farm          215 Post
Rite Aid                             210 Post Glorias Bakery             219 Post
Nanas                                225 Post Joes Deli                       261 Post
Balducci Auto                   311 Post Cafe Ginos                    237 Post
Hernandez Agency          254 Maple Allstate                          239 Post
New World Discount       242 Post CVS                               307 Post
Bravo Supermarket        306 Post Donohue Cecere Funeral 290 Post
No Pal Mexican               263 Post Joes Cleaners               263 Post
Dunkin Donuts                253 Post Bank of America         248 Post
Kabul Kabob.                  247 Post Deli Salvadoreno         243 Post
Laundromat        278 Post, 184 Post.  And 89 Post Westbury Valet Cleaners.                 123 Post
Post Cleaners 317 Post  Home Health Aide Training        321 Post
Post Wireless 181 Post Carbone & Molloy                             346 Maple
Jeff Horan State Farm 289 Post H & R Block    251 Post
Cena 081 103 Post



***Honorable Mentions Outside our Village who are always supporting us, now it is our turn to Support them as well******

Bagel Shop & Deli    1075 Old Country Rod, Westbury

City Cellar American Modern   1080 Corporate Drive, Westbury

Café Baci   1636 Old Country Road, Westbury

Marco Polo Restaurant @ the Viana Hotel   3998 Brush Hollow Rd, Westbury